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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone hope you all are doing great. could you please help me with hacking this. thank you and i really appreciate your help 🙂
  2. i am new to cracking what i choose a game called Hungry Shark which is very basic and easy game for kids after some research i came to know its made in Unity so i dump the cracked game from my ipad and loaded into IDA i can see all the functions and special powers it provide COIN AND GEMS ans Unlocked sharks...Now my question is how to modify the ARM intstructions in such a way that it will unlock all the abilities As you can see the screenshot its showing for the SHARK NAME =ROBO SHARK instruction is for GET_ISROBO than after SET_ISROBO 0000000101551F2C FGOL.Player$$get_IsRobo ; DATA XREF: __const:0000000102CA88F0↓o 0000000101551F2C LDRB W0, [X0,#0x30C] 0000000101551F30 RET this is the locked shark i want to unlock it so what i should try?
  3. مرحبا. صار لي مدة ابحث عن تطبيق mega.nz بس بصيغة ipa اريد اكرر التطبيق عندي بس مالقيته بهاي الصيغة الا اصدار قديم ٢٠١٤ ومايشتغل . لذلك بليز ياللي عنده احدث نسخة يعلمني وشكراً
  4. السلام عليكم ..! آخ ـوي انا عندي مشكلة في برنامج APPLE STORE *! ماقدر انزل منه شي .. لو تقدر تساعدني برابط مباشر او بصيغة IPA للعبة CALL OF DUTY آككوون شآااكر لك ... تحياتي:-
  5. اريد كود السلايدر لان لدي اوفست سبيد تسارع وان كان هذا لا يعجبك بدون مقابل ف يمكنني اعطائك اربع انواع سبيد ومنها التسارع و بالمقابل اعطاءي كود سلايدر للمشاريع و اوفست قفز عالي اذا قبلت العرض تواصل معي على التيليقرام @JustDizzy او يمكنك التواصل معي هنا اذا كان هنالك طريقة في موقعكم الجميل
  6. Hey, I have MSHook a class and a function, but after launch the app it crash and when it come to show the menu, it crash 😕 PlayerController is the class. 0x8 is the Player health. private void Update () { } = 0x225FC08 // It’s the one in the "Methods" part (of the class PlayerController) here is the code : (thanks Admin) void (*PlayerController_Update)(void *PlayerController); void _PlayerController_Update(void *PlayerController){ if([switches isSwitchOn:@« test »]){ *(int *)((uint64_t)PlayerController + 0x8) = 250;} PlayerController_Update(PlayerController); } void setup() { HOOK(0x225FC08, _PlayerController_Update, PlayerController_Update); [switches addSwitch:@« test » description:@« test »]; } Thanks for help 🙂
  7. Hello , so I have been using a popup on all. My tweaks but recently I tried to add it to an app and it crashes.. im hooking didFinishLaunchingWithOptions. To make popup show .. like I do in other apps but it’s making this app crash ? Any help ? Pls
  8. السلام عليكم شكراً لكم على هذا المنتدى الراقي وشكراً على تعبكم ممكن حل لهذه المشكلة
  9. Ive downloaded a couple mods from this site. I used filza to transfer the mod and i clicked on extract. Once that was done it disappears. The mod works but what do i do when i want to remove the mod from the app.
  10. There is anybody have LLDB tutorial or explain how to use ?
  11. please help me. how to use two switch Shaders? i can't add 2 Shaders Thank pro