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  1. What is LLDB all about? LLDB is a next generation, high-performance debugger. It is built as a set of reusable components which highly leverage existing libraries in the larger LLVM Project, such as the Clang expression parser and LLVM disassembler. Packages to install: if you get any issues, make a support topic.
  2. iOSDag Mod Menu Template for Theos! Sample UI of the Menu: Menu Button: Menu: Popup: Features: Customizable UI Customizable menu & button image icon 4 types of switches: Offset Patcher Switch Empty Switch Textfield Switch Slider Switch Backend Offset Patcher Switch is based on KittyMemory Original bytes are not required Write bytes, instead of integers Supports MSHookMemory Open Source Installation: follow the instructions below otherwise you will run into errors! iOS: In the makefile on line 22, you've to set the path to your SDK. This menu has been tested with the "iPhoneOS11.2.sdk" SDK from theos/sdks I use initializer_list in this project, iOS doesn't have this included by itself. You can download it here, save it as "initializer_list" and copy the file to: "$THEOS/sdks/iPhoneOS11.2.sdk/usr/include/c++/4.2.1/" MacOS: Install xCode if you haven't already. In the Makefile of the project, change "MOBILE_THEOS=1" to "MOBILE_THEOS=0" on line 19 of the makefile. Download link for the template: place it inside /var/theos/templates/ and then run nic.pl to create a project . Setting a framework as executable you can set this in the function setupMenu() inside Tweak.xm [menu setFrameworkName:"FrameworkName"]; Patching a offset without switch: patchOffset(0x1002DB3C8, "0xC0035FD6"); patchOffset(0x10020D2D3, "0x00008052C0035FD6"); // You can write as many bytes as you want to an offset patchOffset(0x10020D3A8, "0x00F0271E0008201EC0035FD6"); Offset Patcher Switch: [switches addOffsetSwitch:@"Unlimited Ammo" description:@"Ammo Never Decerease" offsets:{0x1001BB2C0} bytes:{"0xC0035FD6"}]; [switches addOffsetSwitch:@"Enemy Cant Attack" description:@"Enemy Cant Hit You" offsets:{0x1001BB2C0} bytes:{"0x000080D2C0035FD6"}]; [switches addOffsetSwitch:@"One Hit Kill" description:@"Enemy will die instantly" offsets:{0x1001BB2C0, 0x1002CB3B0, 0x1002CB3B8} bytes:{"0x00E0BF12C0035FD6", "0xC0035FD6", "0x00F0271E0008201EC0035FD6"}]; Empty Switch: [switches addSwitch:@"Masskill" description:@"Teleport all enemies to you without them knowing"]; Textfield Switch: [switches addTextfieldSwitch:@"Custom Gold" description:@"Here you can enter your own gold amount" inputBorderColor:UIColorFromHex(0xBD0000)]; Slider Switch: [switches addSliderSwitch:@"Custom Move Speed" description:@"Set your custom move speed" minimumValue:0 maximumValue:10 sliderColor:UIColorFromHex(0xBD0000)]; Checking if a switch is on: bool isOn = [switches isSwitchOn:@"Switch Name Goes Here"]; if(isOn) { //Do stuff } //Or check directly: if([switches isSwitchOn:@"Switch Name Goes Here"]) { // Do stuff } Getting textfield or slider value: int userValue = [[switches getValueFromSwitch:@"Switch Name Goes Here"] intValue]; float userValue2 = [[switches getValueFromSwitch:@"Switch Name Goes Here"] floatValue]; The sample.xm in the project shows an example project. Credits Ted2 For creating the menu, template & implementing KittyMemory . @Admin For Re-design & Uploading the template Ruit for creating KittyMemory dogo for creating SCLAlertView